About the Program


Our undergraduate pharmacy program is a four –and- a half -year integrated program spread over nine semesters and leading to a degree in BSc. (Pharm). The program provides a balanced education in the pharmaceutical sciences and opens the door to a career in the professional pharmacy, drug research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other health industries, which enable the students to practice the pharmacy profession in a strong, skillful and determined manner.


The program curriculum offers a solid foundation in core pharmacy competencies, by offering the biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, clinical sciences in addition to the advanced professional and training programs in very well known Hospitals in the UAE, which fits with  the pharmacist’s  expanding new role  as one of the health care providers, responsible for understanding and dispensing medicine, providing expertise about the composition of drugs, physical, chemical and biological properties, educating patients about their medication, and working with clinicians to promote the effective use of drugs.