Proficiency Policy


In accordance with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research requirements, students who apply for admission to undergraduate programs, except Law, are required to submit an evidence of satisfactory English language proficiency score (500 in TOEFL ITP,  Band 5 in IELTS, or 61 in TOEFL iBT).

If students have no TOEFL or IELTS satisfactory scores, they are asked to sit for the AAU Placement Test to determine their English Language proficiency level.

Based on their results on the Placement Test, students are placed in one of the following levels:

  • Level One (Score 0-49)
  • Level Two (Score 50-64)
  • Level Three (Score 65-89)

Along with the levels, students are allowed to enroll in University General Requirements courses.

Students who obtain a score of 90 or above are exempted from taking any English Language Levels at the ELC and are allowed to register for University General Requirements.

In all cases, students are not allowed into college or specialization courses without obtaining a satisfactory score in TOEFL or IELTS.

MBA students are required to submit an evidence of a satisfactory language proficiency score (550 in TOEFL or Band 6 in IELTS) before they are admitted to the program.