Goals & Objectives


The ITC of AAU acts as the core of technology for the university community and always tries to apply new and up to date technologies in different aspects, which are important to deliver reliable solutions for the faculties and the students, this is done by drawing long-term and short-term plans in order to stay on the prosperity track, in the past years the ITC of AAU has been through several changes such as Infrastructure, hardware, and software to achieve the international standards of IT services.

ITC is still growing more and more year after year, some of the goals and objectives are mentioned in the following list:




Automate every process (Educational, Managerial) in the university and reduce the usage of papers, to deliver the university services to the students using online functionalities without having to do it manually.

  • Improve the E-learning methodologies, by increasing the usage of e-learning systems such as Moodle, also including the video lecturing in order to reach a high level of online services.
  • Add new technologies for authentication such as smart ID cards for the students that will contain the student information which can be used for attendance and for entering the university.
  • Apply the ISO standards in documentation and IT strategies to be on in the line with national and international educational institution.
  • Apply the redundancy approach for the hardware and software as a backup plan in order to increase the availability of any running system in the university.
  • Equip all the labs with the latest computers as hardware and software, also provide the latest applications that meet the needs for learning purposes.




  • Plant security cameras that cover all the university for more security and for monitoring any issue happens and solve it quickly.
  • Add new systems that help the purchasing department and the HR department to automate all of their work.
  • Reduce the time of solving issues for the faculty members by making new systems that will help the ITC teams to find accurate solutions in less time.
  • Apply redundant centralization approach for the IT data center in order to monitor and maintain the whole systems and databases from one place, and to make it easier to update any system instead of putting the same update on more than one sight.
  • Provide wireless network coverage that covers the whole university and can be accessed by any student in the range of the university.
  • Increase the availability of the university systems and reduce the downtime to reach zero.
  • Add smartphone system that will be used by the students to do the registration procedures using the mobile phones.
  • Provide the E-learning system on the mobile phones that make the students able to see their assignments and courses through their smartphones.
  • Make a new system that will help the ITC to support the faculty member needs such as (printers’ configuration, emails, ID’s) in a more efficient way. This system will be the interface that will be used by the faculty members to add their problems and the problems will be solved by the IT support team.
  • Make a new system that will help the employees of the registration and finance departments to take out any report they need in any time they want by using this system.