Duties and Responsibilities


ITC is responsible for providing software and hardware support and maintenance for all members of the university community, including faculty, administration staff and students. This role requires the Center to ensure that all systems and devices are up-to-date.

  • Solve the technical problems that members of the academic, administrative, and students report on the technical support system.
  • Monitor data center devices continuously to take quick actions in case of an emergency.
  • Provide the University administration and other departments with the necessary statistics and reports.
  • Monitor network status and maintain high availability of the servers and services provided.
  • Prepare the computer labs for any activity such as online exams, computer-based training, lectures, courses and workshops.
  • Provide technical support while conducting online competency examinations, along with online midterm and final exams in each semester.
  • Find new software or hardware that can improve the center's services and implement them when possible.
  • Deploy new systems that help employees and students accomplish their tasks.
  • The IT Center is responsible for the university's infrastructure, the network that connects the building together and that also connects the two campuses together.
  • Maintain and operate online services for students such as online courses, e-library and the university's website.
  • Providing Internet service at the university at any time and at high speed for data transfer and browsing.
  • The installation and maintenance of IT equipment in multi-purpose halls and the university theater to assist in all the events that are hosted or carried out by the university.