Rene Y. Paquibut, Ph.D

Deputy Director of Quality Assurance & Institutional Research Center

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133529


PhD in Business Management, University of Bohol, Philippines

PhD in Education, University of San Carlos, Philippines

Master in Business Administration, Universtiy of San Carlos, Philippines

Master in Education, Cebu Technological University, Philippines

Bachelor of Business Management, University of the Philippines, Philippines

Diploma in Education, Cebu Technological University, Philippines

Research Interests

Strategic Management, Quality Assurance in Education, Education, Human Resource Management

Selected Publications

  • Building Research Ethos from the Ground up Using McKinsey 7-S Framework: The Case of the Modern College of  Business and Science, Asian Journal of Education and Training, November 2017, Vol 3, No 2 (2017), pp. 92-96, doi 10.20448/journal.522.2017.32.92.96
  •  A system evaluation theory analyzing value and results chain for institutional accreditation in Oman, Quality Assurance in Education, April 2017, Vol. 25 Issue: 2, pp. 161-170, doi 10.1108/QAE-06-2016-0030 
  •  Value Chain Approach to SME Development: The Case of the Tourism Sector of Bohol, Philippines, Autumn 2013, Global Review of Business and Economic Research, ISSN 0973-127X
  •  The Effects of Globalization Policies on the Food Security of Rice in the Philippines, 2012, Devotio: Journal of Business and Economic Studies
  •  A Survey of Selected Travellers: Input to Tourism Planning and Development of Ormoc City, 2011, Journal of Business Studies
  •  Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, 2011, BBC PrintStop
  •  Adult Learning and the Value Chain as Tools for Participatory Planning, 2009, Journal of Business Studies
  •  Championing the Social Mission from the Top: A Guide for Boards of Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations, 2008, Pearl2-CIDA
  •  Challenges at Work, Practices that Work: Learning from 300 Years of Experience, 2007, Pearl2-CIDA
  • Executive Directors Series, 2006, Pearl2-CIDA

Teaching Courses

Principles of Management, Project Management, Quality Management, Human Resource Development, International Business Management, Small Business Management


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