AAU raise awareness for Dalma Mall Visitors about the pharmacists role


As part of the International Pharmacists Day, which comes on 25 September each year, Al Ain University and Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi launched an awareness campaign on the importance of pharmacists' role in the community. Where students of the College of Pharmacy presented the projects that talk about the important role of pharmacists and the negative perception of some members of the society towards them.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of the role of pharmacists in society as one of the most important elements in the health care system. The pharmacist's role is not only to sell the drug, but also to provide the appropriate medication to treat the patient and help the doctor to heal the patient by dispensing the correct medication and dosages and to warn of any side effects that may occur as a result of this drug. In addition, pharmacists in the community play a vital role in research to discover new drugs or work in the field of manufacturing, or in the field of quality control, in addition, to help in the organization, description, and consultation.

In the UAE Federal Law No. (4) of 1983, the pharmacist defined the profession of pharmacy and pharmaceutical institutions as "complementary to the role of the doctor in the eradication of diseases". In terms of science, the students presented a set of global statistics that prove the importance of the role of pharmacists in the lives of individuals, as 98% trust the advice provided by pharmacists and work. 96% of patients with mild diseases such as fever and fever resort to pharmacies for treatment and trust the opinion of pharmacists, in addition to that 92% of pharmacies provide various services to improve the commitment of the patient drugs.

This campaign is part of the objectives of Al Ain University and its focus on the graduation of pharmacists distinguished to work in all fields of pharmaceuticals, including public and private pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories and companies and drug control laboratories, in addition to focusing on building the personality of the pharmaceutical student and providing them with all the personal and scientific skills needed to cope with the labor market.


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