The College of Engineering Students Won 3 Prizes in 16th IEEE UAE Student Day

A number of students from the College of Engineering at Al Ain University (Al Ain and Abu Dhabi Campuses) achieved advanced positions during their participation in presenting their projects in the competition on the 16th UAE Student Day, under the supervision of a number of faculty members from the College of Engineering.

Two project categories participated in the events: the first category was Community Service, supervised by Dr. Issam Al Azzouni, Mr. Nabeeh, Dr. Thabet Mismar, and Eng. Huda. The second category was Cybersecurity, supervised by Dr. Yazeed and Eng. Esraa.

The students won second place in three awards on their projects, as follows: the first award went to the ‘EDP5 /Engineering Design’ project done by Bahieh Zahwa, Haydi Salama, Dalia Darweesh, and Mohamed Alshehhi, supervised by Dr. Nuha Hamada and Eng. Esraa. The second award was obtained by the ‘CIS6- Nano – Facement’ project done by Qosae Bazbouz, Mhd Nazar, and Khaled Atatreh, supervised by Dr. Muntaha Alawneh. The third award went to the ‘A Smart Car Seat for Monitoring Kids Temperature’ project done by Salem Alghfeli, Ahmed, Hadi Kanaan, and Hosameldein Bakhit, supervised by Dr. Mahmoud Khasawneh and Eng. Huda.


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