Al Ain University organizes the First International Conference on Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Al Ain University organizes its First International Conference on Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences this upcoming Wednesday, which will last for two days, from 18 to 19th of January 2023, at Abu Dhabi Campus. More than 150 researchers, academics and students from 10 Arab and foreign countries will be participating in the conference, and more than 120 research papers will be reviewed.

This is the first time that Al Ain University organizes the Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences Conference, which is a scientific conference that provides an opportunity for researchers, specialists, professors, pharmacists, nutritionists, trainees and students to participate in their research related to various fields of health and medical sciences, and to contribute to presenting proposals and innovative solutions to serve the community and meet its needs, through During the scientific research and workshops presented by a group of invited speakers and researchers and participants in the conference in several aspects, most notably: Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacology and Molecular Therapies, Drug Design and Discovery, Biomedical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Technology, Nutrition and Food Sciences.

The conference will include an exhibition of a group of pharmaceutical companies and providers of medical equipment and laboratory materials, and an additional workshop on molecular modeling presented by Schrödinger, as well as a scientific competition for postgraduate students in conjunction with the conference activities.



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