The College of Engineering organizes an event entitled Treasure Hunt

Under the guidance of Dr. Abdulla Sharo and Eng. Esraa Hijah, the College of Engineering at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi Campus), as part of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), hosted an interactive event called "Treasure Hunt with AutoCAD" for all university students.

The main objective of this event was to involve students from various faculties in a Civil Engineering related task. The participants were required to interpret an AutoCAD map of the university campus, locate specified places, and retrieve a sticker from each location. Each sticker represented a different Civil Engineering field, and the participants needed to identify which image corresponded to which field. After obtaining all the stickers in the correct order, they were eligible to enter a raffle draw and win.

The raffle draw was held on the ASCE Instagram page, and three winners were announced: Arhan Sheikh and Iyad Allouch from the College of Engineering and Abdullah Yaseen from the College of Business.

The event was well-received, with a high level of participation from all colleges. The students enjoyed the activity and gained valuable knowledge during the event.


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