Mohamed Baraka, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024888


Dr Baraka is currently an assistant professor of Clinical Pharmacy in College of Pharmacy, Al Ain University in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He was the head and founder of Pharmacy Practice department in the College of Clinical Pharmacy, in Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU) and the curriculum committee coordinator. He was also a member in the founding committee/college council of the college for four years, where he participated in curriculum development, strategic planning and college accreditation activities. He got his PhD in Clinical Pharmacy from the college of Medicine and pharmacy, Free University of Brussels (VUB) in Belgium 2011, and worked as Assistant Professor in Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt for two years. Afterwards, he joined the College of Clinical Pharmacy in IAU to participate in the college foundation and in the PharmD program development. He has several publications in Clinical Pharmacy practice and in pharmacy education research. He is also serving as a reviewer & editorial board member in several peer reviewed journals in Pharmacy field. Dr Baraka has quite good experience in curriculum development in Clinical Pharmacy education namely in PharmD programs where he provided consultation services for several colleges in the Middle East regarding courses and curriculum development in addition to quality improvements of academic programs. Finally, Dr Baraka contributes to the development of the Arabic board of Pharmacy and he is a member in the general scientific council of the Arab Board of Pharmacy.


Ph.D in Clinical Pharmacy, College of Medicine and Pharmacy, Free University of Brussels (VUB), Belgium

B.Sc of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt

Research Interests

  • Pharmaceutical care services implementation.
  • Medication Therapy management.
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs.
  • Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety.
  • Drug utilization pattern among pregnant women.
  • Risk assessment of medication use during pregnancy.
  • Clinical pharmacy Education.
  • Clinical pharmacy Implementation.
  • Evidence-based pharmacy practice.
  • Improving clinical pharmacist role in health outcomes.
  • Incorporate internationally (USA experiences) developed clinical pharmacy curriculum into local pharmacy colleges.

Selected Publications

  1. Mohamed. A. Baraka, Hassan Al Sultan, Taha Al Salman, Hussain Alaithan, Mohamed Ashraful Islam, and Abdulsalam Aseeri. Health care providers’ perception regarding Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs (AMS) implementation: facilitators and challenges: A cross-sectional study in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. (Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials. 2019; 18: 26: 1 - 10).
  2. Mohamed. A. Baraka, S. Steurbaut, D. Coomans, and A. G. Dupont. Determinants of medication use in a multi-ethnic population of pregnant women: a cross sectional study. The European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care, 2014; 9 (2): 108-120.
  3. Mohamed. A. Baraka, S. Steurbaut, D. Coomans, and A. G. Dupont. Ethnic differences in drug utilization pattern during pregnancy: a cross sectional study. Journal of Maternal-fetal and Neonatal Medicine, 2013; 26 (9): 900-907.
  4. Mohamed. A. Baraka, S. Steurbaut, M. Laubach, D. Coomans and A. G. Dupont. Iron status, iron supplementation and anaemia in pregnancy: ethnic differences. Journal of Maternal-fetal and Neonatal Medicine, 2012; 25(8): 1305–1310.
  5. Mohamed. A. Baraka, S. Steurbaut, L. Leemans, D. Coomans, M. Laubach, E. Jansen and A. G. Dupont. Determinants of folic acid use in a multi-ethnic population of pregnant women: A cross-sectional study. J. Perinat. Med, 2011; 39: 685–692.
  6. Engy Wahsh, Amal Kamal, Ahmed Gomaa, Mohamed Baraka, Mohie Al-deen Abead. Real life Egyptian experience of Daclatasvir plus Sofosbuvir with Ribavirin in Naïve difficult to treat HCV patients (Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets, 2020;20(1):43-48).
  7. Rizwan Ahmad, Atta A Naqvi, Niyaz Ahmad, Mohamed Baraka, Mohammad Mastour, Saleh Al Sharedah, Shatha Al Ghamdi, Ghada Al Rabae, Mastour S Al Ghamdi. Awareness, Perception, Attitude and Knowledge regarding Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs) among pharmacy and medical students of a public university in Saudi Arabia. Archives of Pharmacy Practice. 2017; 8 (2): 51-63.
  8. Engy Wahsh, Amal Kamal, Ahmed Gomaa, Mohamed Baraka, Mohie Al-deen Abead. Safety and efficacy of combination therapy (SMV/SOF) in the treatment of chronic HCV genotype 4 patients. Medicine Science 2018;7(1):122-6.
  9. Marwa W Kamel; Mohamed Wagih; Gokhan S. Kilic; Concepcion R. Diaz-Arrastia; Mohamed. A. Baraka; Salama A Salama. Overhydroxylation of lysine of collagen increases uterine fibroids proliferation: Roles of Lysyl hydroxylases, Lysyl oxidases, and matrix metalloproteinases. Biomed Research International. 2017; 1-13.
  10. Elnour Asim; Mirai Mourad Sadek; Naama Al Kalbani; Akshaya B Srikanth; Mohamed. A. Baraka; Alaa Mohammed Abdul Aziz; Abdulla Shehab. Community pharmacy and the extended community pharmacist practice roles: The UAE experiences. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal. 2016; 24 (5): 563-570.
  11. Win Winit-Watjana; Mohamed. A. Baraka; Ahmed Mostafa; Raniah A Aljaizani. Assessment of motivation, learning styles, and program selections of Saudi pharmacy and non-pharmacy candidates during the preparatory year. Pharmacy Education journal. 2015; 15 (1): 281-289.
  12. Elnour, Asim; Shehab, Abdulla; Srikanth, Akshay; Erkekoglu, Pinar; Hamad, Farah; Sanches-Giruad, Cristina; K Al Nuaimi, Saif; M S Al Kalbani, Naama; M Ali Abd Elrazek, AbdelRazek; Mohamed. A. Baraka; Shehab, Omar; Asim, Sahar; Abdulla, Rauda. Clinical research in a nutshell: How to embark on research journey? Case report. SOJ Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2015; 2 (2): 1-6.
  13. Akshaya Srikanth Bhagavathula, Asim Ahmad Elnour, Pinar Erkekoglu, Alaa Mohammed Abdul Aziz, Mirai Murad Sadek, Farah Hamad, Abdulla Shehab, Mohamed Baraka, and Cristina Sanches-Giraud. Pharmacopolitics, Implications and Implementation in Clinical Studies. Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety. 2015; 2 (2): 003.


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  • Autumn Meeting of the Belgian society of fundamental and clinical physiology and pharmacology. Brussels, Belgium, October 24, 2009.
  • 38th symposium on Clinical Pharmacy (ESCP-GSASA symposium), Geneva, Switzerland, November 3-6, 2009.
  • Spring meeting of the Belgian society of fundamental and clinical physiology and pharmacology. Namur, Belgium, March 27, 2010.
  • First Belgian pharmaceutical care symposium – From research to daily practice. Brussels, Belgium, September 18, 2010.
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  • Annual meeting of SPS/SIPHA 2020. Saudi International Pharmaceutical Science Meeting & Workshops) in Riyadh, KSA, Jan 21-23rd, 2020.

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy in College of Pharmacy, Al-Ain University, Abu Dhabi, UAE. (Jan 2020 – current)
  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy in College of Clinical Pharmacy, Dammam University, Dammam, KSA. (Jan 2014 – Jan 2020)
  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy in College of Pharmacy, Al-Azhar university, Cairo, Egypt. (Jan 2012 – Jan 2014).
  • Member in ACPE certification Steering Committee.
  • Head of OSCE Committee in AlAin University.
  • Memeber in Experiential Education Committee.Memeber in Curriculum Development Committee.
  • Licensed Consultant pharmacist, Clinical preceptor in King Fahd University Hospital.
  • Member in IAU University Research Ethics Committee (IRB).
  • Community pharmacist in several pharmacies in Egypt.

Teaching Courses

  • Pharmacotherapy 1,2 & 3 (PBL).
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
  • Evidence based medicine.
  • Drug information services.
  • Pharmaceutical care (1, 2 & 3).
  • Communication skills.
  • Non-Prescription Drugs
  • Pharmacoeconomics.
  • Marketing for pharmacists
  • Research methodology & graduation projects.
  • Pharmacy orientation.
  • Basic and Clinical pharmacology.


  • Emirates Medical Association - Clinical Pharmacy.
  • European Society of Clinical Pharmacy (ESCP).
  • Belgian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS).
  • Egyptian Society of Clinical Pharmacy (ESCP).
  • The Egyptian General Syndicate of Pharmacists.
  • Clinical and Social Pharmacy Research Network.