AAU promotes Health Awareness among students


The College of Pharmacy at Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi Campus organized health awareness workshop submitted by an elite of academics at the Pharmacy college.

The workshop included various lectures dealt with various topics as follows; Awareness about energy drinks, presented by Dr. Nezar AL Bataineh who talked about the potential health risk consequences of excessive consumption of energy drinks. In addition, discussed symptoms of high energy drink usage, especially when it is associated with the use of other stimulants. Also, include suggested policies to regulate the distribution of energy drinks.

The second lecture was by Dr. Rose Ghemrawi about Awareness of Infertility, where she discussed the concepts infertility in Arab countries and also the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and paying attention to the body mass index and folate (Vitamin B9)  states.

Dr. Mohammad Fawzi presented the third lecture entitled Awareness of Herbal Medicine, discussed the potential and usefulness of herbal medicine in daily life treatment and mentioned different examples of herbs and what the side effect of each herbal medicine.

The last lecture was submitted by Dr. Moner Ragas, who talked about Awareness of Stroke Signs, he talked about the warning signs of stroke and the importance of getting emergency medical care in saving peoples’ lives and getting patients better chance of recovery

At the end of each lecture, they made some competitions including questions  (myths/facts) and they distributed gifts to the winners, Also, Dr. Sawsan Abuhamdah, Deputy Dean of the College of Pharmacy distributed appreciation certificates for each doctor who participated in this workshop.


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