Community Engagement 


The College of Pharmacy at Al Ain University has been involved in community engagement activities through faculty and students including:

  • Participating in the Thalassemia awareness program in cooperation with the UAE Thalassemia Society and the Blood Bank.
  • Giving lectures about the dangers of narcotics to the university students;
  • Giving lectures to the secondary school students relating to the danger of smoking and the role of breakfast in the enhancement of the student’s body;
  • Giving awareness lectures regarding the relationship between obesity and diabetes;
  • Giving awareness lectures regarding the use of alcohol and its addiction;
  • Giving a lecture about chemical pollutants and food contaminants.
  • Participating in Al Ain Municipality event and campaign against narcotics;
  • Giving awareness lectures against smoking and the hazards linked to it at the Handicap Center;
  • Participating in Al Ain Municipality event and campaign against obesity and diabetes;
  • Participating in Tawam Hospital Breast Cancer awareness campaign;
  • Participating in Al Ain Hospital safety week which involves an awareness campaign about drug abuse and drug safety;
  • Visit of the Al Ain Private Center for Care and Rehabilitation of Special Needs;
  • Organizing and celebrating the international day for older person in collaboration with Al Ain municipality town center;
  • Free screening and measurement of body mass and examination of blood sugar level during the Government celebration of the International Day of Diabetes;
  • Giving awareness lectures about the effect of Lack of vitamin D on bone and teeth.