Postgraduate Research Scholarship Scheme (PRSS) AA & AD Campuses



Parallel to launching the Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSPS) program, the College of Pharmacy (CoPh-AAU) adapted a scholarship scheme (PRSS) to attract and employ its distinguished BPharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) graduates, offering them an excellent opportunity to pursue their postgraduate studies in the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Discovery/Development fields. This dual faceted scheme (Scholarship-Job) offers the winners a fully-funded postgraduate scholarship (tuition waiver) while working in the college of pharmacy as partially-paid Research Assistants and/or Lab Supervisors.


Main Objectives

  1. To successfully recruit the best candidate from our graduates and accelerate their progress through our program (so enhancing the quality and quantity of our research outcomes as well as the teaching quality that these candidates are involved in)
  2. To better promote our BPharm programs by employing its best graduates and offering them various opportunities for pursuing their postgraduate study/research career in MSPS program.


Requirements (Application Criteria)

The candidate must be:

  1. AAU Graduate (CoPh)
  2. Graduated with a minimum GPA of 3.0


Additional Notes

  1. The successful candidates must meet all the application acceptance criteria and then pass an interview with a specialized committee from CoPh.
  2. AAU admission requirements for graduate-higher studies should be met (MSPS).



The deadline for submitting scholarship applications is June 5, 2023.