Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Type : Undergraduate
  • Credit Hours : 132hrs
  • Language : English
  • Campuses: Al Ain & Abu Dhabi


About the Program

Our undergraduate Nutrition and dietetics program is a four-year program spread over eight semesters and leading to a degree in BSc. (Nutrition and dietetics). The program will provide the students with a strong background to make them understand the major role of healthy nutrition in the prevention, development, and treatment of most major diseases. It will produce competent dietitians and nutritionists who understand the relationships between nutrition, health, and disease. The program will provide a proper environment to sharpen students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills, to enhance students’ communication and leadership skills.



Our program aspires to be a recognized program for quality education, research and community intervention in clinical nutrition and dietetics at the national and international levels.



The proposed program’s mission is to prepare competent, culturally sensitive graduates who are going to succeed in the nutrition and dietetics profession, employ evidence based practice in promoting health and quality of life of the community; and foster an appreciation of interdisciplinary collaboration, professional leadership and commitment.


Learning Outcomes

This Program Learning Outcomes is based on the Emirates Qualification Framework (QF Emirates):


Program Intended Learning Outcomes for the BSND Program

#Program Learning OutcomesAligned withL7 QFEDescriptors
1 Describe in depth the underlying principles and theoretical concepts related to Nutrition and Dietetics program including; physical and biological sciences, principles of food sciences and systems, techniques of quality and safe food preparation, and finally principles of human nutritional care QFE 1,2
2 Integrate theoretical knowledge learned in the program into practice and utilizes principles of scientific enquiry and research methodology to identify and solve nutrition-related problems QFE 3,4,5 
3 Conduct a nutritional care process including; nutritional assessment, analyzing and interpreting assessment data, identify nutrition-related problems and implement nutritional interventions based on evidence-based practice QFE7SK1,2,3,4
4 Assesses, develops, monitors and evaluates health nutrition programs for individuals or target population and apply nutritional quality and management principles to different food service systems QFE7SK1,2,3,4
5 Practice independently or in a team to manage effectively nutritional care activities in different settings and demonstrate leadership and innovation in delivering and managing professional services in community QFE7AR1,2,3,4
6 Practice nutritional care activities in various contexts in highly professional manners and collaborate with healthcare providers and community and industrial stakeholders to improve individuals' health outcomes and to promote health and wellbeing of society QFE /RC1,2,3,4
7 Observe legal and ethical standards when applying professional guidelines to food and nutritional services, and take responsibility for continuous self-development and learning QFE/ SD 12,3,4


Job Opportunities

The CoP is expecting to have a great demand for dietitians and nutritionists the UAE because the focus on diet as a health hazard and as a helping tool in treating diseases has not been given a great attention in the past, but recently the awareness of the relationship between diet and diseases has greatly improved. Consequently, dietitians and nutritionists are becoming one of the pillars of any health care team in different public and private health institutions as well as other institutions related to food such as hospitals, health centers, retail pharmacies, natural supplements shops, food industries and food research.


Admission Requirements

  • Secondary School Certificate (Science/Advanced) with a minimum average of 60% or its equivalent.

  • Holder of UAE Secondary School Certificate (General/Art) with a minimum average of 60% can’t enroll in the program unless they take remedial courses physics, biology, chemistry and calculus.
  • A valid English Language Proficiency Certificate in one of the below certificates or its equivalent, at least as the following:
    1100 500 5

Graduation Requirements

To obtain a “Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics”, a student must successfully complete 131 credit hours, with minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2 out of 4.

Study Plan

Course No Course Title CR.H. Prerequisite
First: General University Education (33) CR.H
(1) Compulsory Course (27) CR.H.
0102120 Computer Skills 3  
0200100 Biology 3  
0401120 English (1) 3  
0401121 English (2) 3 0401120
0405100 Arabic Language 3  
0406110 Islamic culture 3  
0409103 UAE Studies 3  
0501170 Fundamentals to Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3  
0508203 Scientific Research Methodology 3  
(2) Elective Courses (6) CR.H
The student is required to choose Only One course from each of the following groups:
a) Society and civilization
0406100 Arabs and Muslims' Contributions to Arts and Science 3  
0408101A Physical Education & Health 3  
0409100 Ethical Awareness 3  
0408100 Introduction to Psychology 3  
0409102 Environmental Awareness 3  
(b) Managerial Skills (3) CR.H.
0303100 Law and Society 3  
0408103 Thinking Skills 3  
0408104 Self-Assessment 3  
0501100 Introduction to Time Management 3  
0501150 Leadership and Teamwork 3  
Second: Basic Sciences and Biomedical courses (19) CR.H.
0201100 Chemistry 3  
0201120 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry 4 0201100
0201210 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 3 0201100
0201240 Biochemistry 3 0201210
0200220 Physiology 3 0200100
0701240 Food Microbiology 3 0200100
Third: Nutrition and Dietetics courses (64) CR.H.
0701120 Fundamentals of Nutrition 3 0200100
0701220 Nutrition in Life Span 3 0701120
0701221 Ethics for Healthcare Professionals 2  
0701222 Pharmacology for Dietitians 2 0200110
0701223 Basics of Food Science 3 0701120
0701224 Food Production & Preparation 3 0701120
0701225 Nutrition & Metabolism 3 0201240
0701320 Food Chemistry 3 0201210
0701321 Health Promotion for Dietitians 2 0701221
0701322 Nutrition in Inborn Errors Metabolism 2 0701225
0701323 Nutritional Assessment 3 0701225
0701324 Communication in Nutrition 2  
0701325 Biostatistics & Research Methods 2  
0701326 Food Service Systems Management 3 0701320
0701327 Medical Nutrition Therapy I 4 0701323 &0701322
0701328 Community Nutrition 3 0203339
0701329 Menu planning 3 0701120
0701330 Food Quality & Safety 3 0701224
0701420 Sports and Fitness Nutrition 3 0701225
0701421 Alternative Food & Herbal Therapy 2 0701327
0701422 Topics in Dietetics Practice 3 0701328
0701427 Medical Nutrition Therapy II 4 0701327
0701490 Capstone Course 3 0701325
Fourth: Experiential Education (16) CR.H.
0701340 Community Practicum 3 0701221 &0701328
0701440 Dietetic Practicum I in Clinical Setting 1 3 0701427
0701441 Dietetic Practicum II in Clinical Setting 2 3 0701440
0701442 Dietetic Practicum III in Clinical Setting 3 3 0701441
0701443 Dietitian Job Shadowing 4 0701442


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