Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

  • Type : Undergraduate
  • Credit Hours : 160hrs
  • Language : English
  • Campuses: Al Ain & Abu Dhabi



The Bachelor of science in pharmacy program is a four-and-a-half-year integrated program spread over nine semesters and leading to a degree in BSc. Pharm. The program provides a balanced education in the pharmaceutical sciences and opens the door to a career in the professional pharmacy, drug research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other health industries, which enable the students to practice the pharmacy profession in a strong, skillful and determined manner.

The program curriculum offers a solid foundation in core pharmacy competencies, by offering the biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, clinical sciences in addition to the advanced professional and training programs in very well-known Hospitals in the UAE, which fits with the pharmacist’s expanding new role as one of the health care providers, responsible for understanding and dispensing medicine, providing expertise about the composition of drugs, physical, chemical and biological properties, educating patients about their medication, and working with clinicians to promote the effective use of drugs.

The BSc. Pharm has international-accreditation from ACPE. This status does not confer on graduates’ direct eligibility for licensure in the United States.



To emerge as a leading pharmacy program by offering excellence and value-based quality in pharmaceutical education, pharmacy practice to serve the society and the profession, and thus improve the healthcare of the community and the country.



The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSc. Pharm) program is to graduate outstanding, highly competent and motivated pharmacists with advanced knowledge and understanding of pharmacy practice; problem solving and transferable skills; ability to think independently to meet higher level expectations in the health care needs of the society, improve delivery of essential pharmacy services, ensure human health through optimization of using effective, safe and economic drug therapy and enhance pharmaceutical activities through pharmaceutical care and pharmaceutical industry, especially in areas of continued-education, services and research.


Learning Outcomes

Program Learning-Outcomes (PLOs) mapped with QFE Standers (Level 7, CAA)

#Program Learning OutcomesQF-Emirates Domain/Standers (Level 7) (CAA)
1 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to integrate and apply basic concepts and principles of biomedical science, pharmaceutical sciences, clinical sciences and social and behavioral sciences required for drug discovery, drug development, and pharmacy practice context, to promote population health and patient centered care. Standard 1: Knowledge (A)
2 Recognize and use pharmacy operational systems, appropriate medication dispensing, medication storage, and inventory control, appropriate distribution of prescription and non-prescription products and patient’s education and counselling. Standard 2: Skill (B)
3 Provide patient-centered care by collecting, reviewing and utilizing relevant patient socioeconomic and medical data; to assess, develop, modify and implement a care plan in collaboration with the patient and other healthcare providers.

Standard 2: Skill
Standard 5: Role in context

4 Locate and employ relevant medical literature, guidelines and evidence-based practice to enhance clinical decision making and to ensure the appropriateness, safety and effectiveness of medication.   

Standard 2: Skill
Standard 4: Self-development

5 Apply the relevant cognitive and technical skills to each stage of drug discovery, drug development, and pharmacy practice context.  Standard 2: Skill
6 Operate in a professional attitude and behavior by being qualified, patient advocate, altruist, accountable, empathetic, responsible and respectful to the patient and the other healthcare providers.    Standard 3:Autonomy and Responsibility
7 Describe, conduct, interpret and appraise pharmaceutical and clinical research, ethics, principles and methodologies.

Standard 1: Knowledge
Standard 4: Self-development


Job Opportunities

BSc. Pharm graduates must apply for and undertake 6 months a pre-registration training then pass the Department of Health-Abu Dhabi registration examination to be registered and licensed as pharmacist. As a pharmacy professional you will be a frontline healthcare provider and can have a direct impact on people's lives and health. Graduates from the College of Pharmacy program will be prepared to pursue careers in many fields such as:

  • Community Pharmacy
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Drug Regulatory affairs
  • Medical Representative and Marketing
  • Pharmaceutical industry (e.g. Quality Control, Research and Development)
  • Academia (Research and higher education)
  • Research Centres
  • Drug information centre

Admission Requirements

  • UAE Secondary school Certificate or, its equivalent approved by the UAE Ministry of Education, with a minimum average of 85% (Science/Advanced) or 80% for Elite. 
  • A valid English Language Proficiency Certificate in one of the below certificates or its equivalent, at least as the following:
1100 500 5
  • Pass the Math EmSAT with a score not less than (800) or equivalent.
  • A score of (800) in 2 of 3 science subjects (Chemistry, Biology, or Physics). 
  • Requirements for proficiency in related subjects:

    • The student's score in the (EmSAT Achieve test) in the relevant subject.
    • Or the student's score in one of the Ministry-approved proficiency tests in the relevant subject.
    • Or the student's grade in the relevant school subject in one of the centralized examination systems, such as; (the British system, the American system, the International Baccalaureate system, the UAE school system, or their equivalent) with a passing (Grade C) or higher.
    • Or the student's score in the university entrance exam administered by the Ministry, passing (Grade C) or higher. If the student does not achieve the required grade, they must take a remedial course (related to the required subject) for a duration of (3) hours in the enrollment semester, which will not be counted in the cumulative GPA.

Graduation Requirements

To obtain a “Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy”, a student must successfully complete 160 credit hours, including 21 credit hours of training, with minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2 out of 4.

Study Plan


Guidance Plan

Course Description

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