College of Pharmacy discusses the Cosmetics Effects


The College of Pharmacy at Al Ain University, Al Ain Campus, organized an awareness lecture on “Cosmetics Effects on Skin Health”, presented by Dr. Mosaab Arafat from the College of Pharmacy, under the supervision of Dr. Amira Shabaan, and in the presence of Dr. Khairi Mustafa, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, academic staff and AAU students.

The lecture dealt with several topics including explaining the constituents of cosmetics and the effect of each one, the harms that may be caused by chemicals for the skin, As well as the effect of keeping makeup on the face for a long time, which leads to loss of skin to shine and brilliance, leads to skin oxidation, and thus exposure to black spots and pimples and the harmful effects of the sun.

It is worth to mention that, the lecture received positive reactions from students.


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