Special treatment for "People of Determination" at AAU


The College of Pharmacy at Al Ain University (Al Ain Campus) organized a lecture entitled “How to deal with the People of Determination” presented by Mrs. Arwa Al Maqtari, General Coordinator of External Customer Service in Al Ain Center for Care and Rehabilitation, and Mrs. Nayla Al Khatri, Head of Hearing disability division in the center. In the presence of academic staff and students of the college.

The lecture focused on the definition of “People of Determination” locally and internationally, the law of their rights within the UAE, ways of dealing with them as active members of society, and the main categories of disability (mobility, sensory and mental).

This lecture aims to contribute in creating a positive environment, enabling them to exercise their educational, functional, cultural and social rights in line with their abilities and aspirations towards a more active role in society.

It is worth to mention that, Al Ain University pays special attention to the students with special needs and provides them with all the services that meet their needs.


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