Pharmacy students celebrated the World Pharmacists Day Delightfully

The College of Pharmacy at Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi campus, organized various events on the occasion of the World Pharmacists Day which comes on 25 September each year.

The first activity of the World Pharmacists Day was to distribute simple gifts to the faculty members in recognition of their efforts. The tour began with visiting the office of Prof. Ghaleb El Refae, AAU President, who stressed the important role of the pharmacist in the community, pointing out that the role of the doctor and nurse cannot be completed without the pharmacist.

For his part, Dr. Mohammed Ghattas, Deputy Dean of the College of Pharmacy, expressed his pride of pharmacy students and their ideas, encouraging them to work hard and wishing them all success.

The second activity was schools tour, where the pharmacy students presented a set of global statistics that prove the importance of the role of pharmacists in the lives of individuals, as 98% trust the advice provided by pharmacists and work. 96% of patients with mild diseases such as fever, resort to pharmacies for treatment and trust the opinion of pharmacists, in addition to that 92% of pharmacies provide various services to improve the commitment of the patient drugs.

The students said that the pharmacist's role is not only to sell the drug, but also to provide the appropriate medication to treat the patient and help the doctor to heal the patient by dispensing the correct medication and dosages and to warn of any side effects that may occur as a result of this drug. In addition, pharmacists in the community play a vital role in research to discover new drugs or work in the field of manufacturing, or in the field of quality control, in addition, to help in the organization, description, and consultation.

This awareness campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of the pharmacist’s role in the society as one of the most important elements in the health care system.


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