AAU enhance students' knowledge during the Pharmacy Career Open Day

The College of Pharmacy in collaboration with the Alumni Office organized the Pharmacy Career Open Day, which included a conference and exhibition. A number of academics and professionals in the field of pharmacy from inside and outside the university participated, in addition to, the number of medical and pharmaceutical institutions and companies.

The conference included various discussion sessions, such as; the role of regulatory affairs in pharmacy, by Dr. Mona Al Moussli from PRA Consultancy Pharmaceutical. A day in the life of a pharmacist, by Dr. Mohammad Taleb, from Al Ain Pharmacy. Important of clinical pharmacist, by Dr. Nidal Atout, from Tawam Hospital. Key skills for medical representatives, by Dr.  Sara Ramadan, from Pharmavgate Academy. Role of pharmacists   in the Pharmaceutical Industry, by Mr. Kamran Atif, from ADCAN Pharma.

Prof. Mohammad Hudaib, Faculty of Pharmacy at Al Ain University, ended the conference, who talked about the importance of a master's degree for the pharmacist.

Also, a number of medical and pharmaceutical companies participated in the virtual exhibition; such as; Pharamlink, Abbott, AstraZeneca, EGO skin, Al-Hayat Pharmaceuticals and Pharamplus Drug Store.

Dr. Khairi Mustafa, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, said that, the College of Pharmacy at Al Ain University is keen on achieving its vision and mission in providing a high quality education and teaching by having a group of highly qualified and experienced faculty members. Also, by organizing different conferences, scientific events and entertainment activities that contribute in serving the local community.

Dr. Mohammad Ghattas, Deputy Dean of the College of Pharmacy, mentioned that, organizing the Pharmacy Career Open Day aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of the pharmacy student. He stressed that, the student is the most important element in the educational process, as AAU keens to graduate pharmacists who are well skilled, ready for the labor market and able to serve the community.


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