AAU President honors the winners of “Shooting World Cup for the People of Determination”

Prof. Ghaleb El Refae, AAU President, honored AAU students of determination who won the gold medal in the World Shotgun Shooting Championships held in the Italian city, with the participation of more than 60 players from 23 countries. Our students Muhammad Ali Hassan Al-Hamid Al-Hashemi and Issa Aslam Al-Zubaidi from the College of Communication and Media were participating in the competition.

Prof. El Refae congratulated the winning students for their achievement, expressing the university's pride of its students achieving this, stressing that Al Ain University is keen to support the talents of people of determination and encourage them, as it seeks to harness all resources and capabilities to provide a distinctive learning environment that serves their needs.

In turn, Thiban Salem Al Muhairi, a student at the College of Communication and Media at AAU, and Secretary-General of the UAE Paralympic Committee of the National Olympic Games Committee of the General Sports Authority thanked and appreciated Al Ain University for their efforts to serve people of determination and their effective role in supporting and integrating them with society. The winning students also expressed their happiness for honoring them by the university president, praising the importance the university has provided them since they joined the university.


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