Distinctive projects for Nutrition students in the FoodWise Challenge

Several students from the College of Pharmacy-Nutrition and Dietetics program participated in the FoodWise challenge hosted by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. The FoodWise challenge is part of the ‘Food for Future Summit & Expo’ held at the Dubai Exhibition Centre.  The student's task under the FoodWise challenge was to propose solutions to the challenges related to  Food waste and loss; plant-based diet for the environment and health; local food production and consumption; and labeling - consumer awareness and responsibility of food producers and distributors.

The first project entitled; Novel approach in producing low protein bakery products fortified with moringa oleifera, aims to create low-protein flour from rice flour and corn, as well as potato starches supplemented with moringa in various ratios, in order to give more dietary options for celiac disease sufferers. Arabic bread, sandwich bread, cookies, and biscuits will be made using this low-protein flour. It was worked on by the students: Reem Alrays, Marah Abdul salam, Dania Abutarif, Basmala Ahmed, Muneer Alakhras,  Duaa Hussein, and supervised by Prof. Mahmoud Abughoush.

The second project entitled; Novel approach in food safety controlling (The Smart Inspector), aims to apply artificial intelligence systems in the food safety system as a whole, improve the food quality control procedures through the usage of smart monitoring devices, and minimize food waste by continuous monitoring of the temperature through using the smart application. It was worked on by students: Shaima Higazy, Israa Bazbouz, and supervised by Prof.  Mahmoud Abughoush and Prof. Haythem Bany Sallama from the College of Engineering.  

The third project entitled; Choose Local, Eat Nutritious, Live Healthy (Locally Yummy) aims to promote healthy eating and habits among university students, spreading awareness about the health benefits of eating local food, finding interesting ways to reach local farmers and our target audience, and providing ways and alternatives to promote buying local food. It was done bystudents: Yara Jahed, Zahraa Nabaa, and Bayan Suliman, under the supervision of Prof. Suhad Abumweis.

The fourth project was entitled; Reducing Animal-sourced  Food and Increasing Plant-based Diet through Social Media Advertisements (Green Healthy), aims to educate the public about the benefits of switching to plant-based diets by making advertisements on social media and billboards, raise awareness about how agri-food systems and meat and dairy industries, and reducing the animal waste produced by the meat and dairy industries. It was done by students: Ola Naaseh, Maya Abuajlan, Abdullah Qeshta, Hamza Al Absi, and Anwaar Ayash, and was supervised by: Prof. Suhad Abumweis.

The Foodwise challenge is aligned with the UAE’s National Food Security Strategy 2051. The participation of Al Ain University in this challenge is part of its activities related to the environment and sustainability. 


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