Enhancing cooperation between Al Ain University and University of Nebraska

The Faculty members from the College of Pharmacy represented Al Ain University in a meeting between representatives of the University of Nebraska and higher education institutions in Abu Dhabi, under the supervision and support of ADEK.

Prof. Suhad Abumweis and Prof. Mahmoud Abu Ghoush from the Nutrition and Dietetics program, and Dr. Rose Ghemrawi- Director of Al Ain University Health and Biomedical Research Center, attended the meeting and discussed future collaboration with Dr. Tala Awada, Dr. Galen Erickson, and Dr. Joe Luck from the University of Nebraska.

The purpose of the meeting was to explore avenues of cooperation between Al Ain University and the University of Nebraska, especially in terms of Agriculture, Food Science, Nutrition and Natural Resources.”

The goal of the meeting is to foster new partnerships, relationships, and cooperation between the two universities in terms of faculty members and the student exchange. 


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