The College of Pharmacy meets the Training Preceptors to enhance cooperation relations

The College of Pharmacy, at Al Ain University (AAU), Abu Dhabi campus, has invited community pharmacy training coordinators and preceptors, such as; Medicina, Almanara, and Al-Thiga Pharmacies, to attend the second preceptor orientation meeting for community pharmacies across Abu Dhabi. The aim of this meeting was to orient the preceptors responsible for our students’ training about different community training courses.

The event was opened officially by the Deputy Dean for the College of Pharmacy Prof. Mohammed Ghattas, who welcomed the attendees and praised their efforts in following up with the students during the training and providing them with professional skills to qualify them as future pharmacists. Also, the meeting was attended by the staff of the College of Pharmacy.

The chair of the training committee (AAU- Abu Dhabi campus) Dr. Zelal Jaber presented a brief presentation that highlighted the college of pharmacy training philosophy, the code of conduct, and the dress code of different training courses as well as the importance of partnership between AAU and different chain pharmacies in students training.

The course instructors for each training course (Dr. Zelal Jaber, Dr. Sawsan Abu-Hamada, and Dr. Asim Elnour) gave an orientation presentation for each training course and assigned each instructor to the attendees to orient them about each training course to ensure the best quality of training for AAU students. 


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