Pharmacy Students won Seven Awards at DUPHAT 2023

Students from the College of Pharmacy at Al Ain University won seven prizes at DUPHAT 2023 according to a judging panel of prominent international judges in the field of pharmacy. The competition took place at the Dubai World Trade Center, and lasted for two days.

The aim of AAU students' participation, which included showcasing posters and oral presentations of their projects and research, was to share experiences with different institutions.

Students from Al Ain Campus won four awards, as follows: Najwa Al-Ramadan, Nada Alghrbawy, and Abdalrahman Abdeen obtained the first best ‘Quality Poster’ award, under the supervision of Dr. Walaa Mousa. The second-best ‘Well-organized Poster’ award went to Rania Al Afandi, Hedaya Al Ali, Rym Magramane, and Dana Alhamdan, under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Al Ahmad. Moreover, the fourth best ‘Creative Poster’ award went to Razan AlKais, Hedaya Al Ali, and Shahd Mufid, supervised by Dr. Amira Ahmed, and the fourth ‘Best informative Poster’ award was obtained by Omar Jihad Kattan, Ashraf Omar Alkhateb, Shadi Nasser Shoukier, and Adel Saeed Khaleel, under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Al Ahmad.

On the other hand, students from Abu Dhabi Campus won three awards, as follows: the third best ‘Display Poster’ award went to Mohamed Tharf, Abdelfatah Amer, Mohammed Samir, and Ibrahim Al Masalmeh, supervised by Dr. Anan Jarab. Besides, Lana Bustanji, Laila Waleed, and Hend Ahmed obtained the third best ‘Presentation’ award under the supervision of Dr. Rose Ghamrawy and Ms. Kawther Kayed. Furthermore, Nadia Raja, Nora Al Barkani, Eman Marwan, and Rahaf Mohammed obtained the second-best ‘Thematic Poster’ award, under the supervision of Dr. Rose Ghemrawi.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that the students of the College of Pharmacy achieve top places in the DUPHAT exhibition. Al Ain University is keen on participating annually in the DUPHAT to enhance students’ skills, which qualifies them to engage with the pharmaceutical market and provides them with the opportunity to stay up-to-dated with the latest technology in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharmacy supplies.


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