The workshop “Assessment and Curriculum Mapping” recommended on the need of linking between the assessment curriculum and educational outcomes


At the conclusion of its works, the workshop “Best Practices for Planning Educational Assessment and Curriculum Mapping” recommended on the need of explaining the significance of curricular assessment in student learning outcomes and program improvement, Increase program cohesiveness through alignment of assessments, course objectives, and program outcomes, create effective assessments most suited to the institution and program needs and Initiate the curriculum mapping process.

This comes in the Second Regional Faculty Development Workshop about the “Best Practices for Planning Educational Assessment and Curriculum Mapping”, which organized by AAU in Abu Dhabi Campus for two days, in collaboration with the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), in participation with more than 50 researchers and academicians from different universities of the region from inside and outside the country.

The workshop addressed various topics, most notably, on how to develop and modernize the educational pharmacy curriculum assessment through the use of the latest means of technology in education, view the new models of teaching and learning and to implement assessment curriculum to meet the needs of local institutions affiliated to them.

Also, the workshop included meetings between the participants through group work to discuss the most important aspects and suggestions of the workshops that are to be approved for the final recommendations.

On this occasion, Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh -AAU Chancellor- stressed on the importance of this workshop, which will develop several aspects of the faculty of pharmacy colleges and all who are interested in teaching in pharmacy.

So, the development of their abilities would advance the curricula in their institutions to make a balance between the theoretical and practical methods. Also, he wished that the workshop will provide the participants with impressive potential benefits with his recommendations towards the academic faculty and researchers in focusing on how the graduates would be able to work hard in the field of pharmacy through their useful teaching methods.

Prof. El Refae stressed on the importance of this workshop which integrates between the theoretical and practical aspects, and will develop the faculty skills, which would reflect positively on the students in order to graduate conscious generation to be ready for the labor market challenges.

It is worth to mention that the “Best Practices for Planning Educational Assessment and Curriculum Mapping” considered as the Second workshop organized by the university to develop the academic faculty in the College of Pharmacy, where AAU organized previously the first workshop about “Curricular Design and Delivery” which met great success. In Addition to that the College of Pharmacy at Al Ain University is the only college on the level of the United Arab Emirates taking place on the international accreditation of the (ACPE).



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