College of Pharmacy reviews the career opportunities of pharmacists


The College of Pharmacy at Al Ain University in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain campuses hosted Dr. Mona Al Mousli, Regulatory Affairs Consultant at PRA Events, to present an introductory workshop to enlighten students about the incoming event of the Pharmacy Careers Conference planned to be held on 26 January 2019.

This workshop aimed to educate students about potential careers in the field of pharmacy. For example, Clinical Pharmacy which makes the pharmacist an integral part of the medical care team with physicians when managing patient conditions. Pharmacists can also work in preparing IV parental nutrition, and Chemotherapy medications. Pharmacist can also work with pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies".

The workshop was attended by Dr. Khairi Mustafa, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Dr. Mohammad Ghattas, Deputy Dean, faculty members and students of the pharmacy college.

The aim of organizing this workshop is to increase awareness among students of the appropriate job opportunities after their graduation, encourage them to participate in the conference to keep updated with available jobs in the medical and pharmaceutical companies, as well as, to develop their skills in writing CV, and enhance communication with the outside community.


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