Pharmacy career day enhances knowledge and provide career opportunities


The College of Pharmacy organized the ‘Pharmacy Career Open Day’, which included a conference and exhibition in the participation of a number of medical and pharmaceutical experts, institutions and companies. The day was attended by Dr. Noor El Deen Atatreh- AAU Chancellor, Prof. Amer Qasem- Vice President, Prof. Mohammad Ghattas- Deputy Dean of the College of Pharmacy, academic staff and students of the College of Pharmacy.

The open day started with a series of workshops. Dr. Waiel Al Naeem Residency Program Director- SEHA- talked about Pharmacy Residency programs in the emirates of Abu-Dhabi, then, Dr. Hayet zouzou- Pharmacovigilance Country Cluster Lead- Roche- talked about Inspiring career journey in pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Rania El-Lababidi- Senior Manager, Pharmacy Education and Training, introduced the Internship programs in Cleveland Clinic- Abu-Dhabi. While, Dr.Sara Ramdan- PharmaVgate Academy, CEO & Founder, presented a workshop entitled; 5 things to be known before startup in pharmacy. Wrapping up the workshops was with Prof. Ghattas who talked about the importance of professional development in career and life. He emphasized that the student or graduate should constantly enhance their skills and knowledge undergoing various experiments which will contribute in refining their personalities and would provide them professional experiences.

A number of medical companies participated in the career fair such as; SEHA, Cleveland, Medicina, Egoskin, AstraZeneca, Abbott, Pharmaplus drug store, Adcan pharma, Al-Manara pharmacy, Al-Hayat Drug store, In addition to the Master in pharmaceutical science team from Al Ain University.

Dr. Noor El Deen Atatreh, AAU Chancellor, mentioned that, organizing the Pharmacy Career Open Day aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of the pharmacy student. He stressed that, the student is the most important element in the educational process, as AAU keens to graduate pharmacists who are well skilled, ready for the labor market and able to serve the community.

The aim of organizing this workshop is to encourage students to participate in the conferences, exhibition and workshops to enhance their skills and get new experiences, and to keep them updated with job availabilities in the medical and pharmaceutical companies, as well as, to enhance communication with the outside community.


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