Azza Galal Ramadan,Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus


PhD. Biomedical/health Sciences, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Toronto, Canada

MSc. Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering, York University, Canada

BSc. Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering, York University, Canada

Research Interests

Therapeutic interventions and drug discovery, 

Translational biomedical sciences

Selected Publications

  • Ramadan A, Singh KK, Quan A, Plant PJ, Al-Omran M, Teoh H, Verma S (2017). Loss of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Autophagy Exacerbates Ang II Associated Aortic Remodeling. Accepted, Journal of Vascular Surgery. pii: S0741-5214(17)32222-X.


  • Mantella LE, Singh KK, Sandhu P, Kantores C, Ramadan A, Khyzha N, Quan A, Al-Omran M, Fish JE, Jankov RP, Verma S (2017). Fingerprint of Long Non-Coding RNA Regulated by Cyclic Mechanical Stretch in Human Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells: Implications for Hypertension. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Journal. 435(1-2):163-173


  • Ramadan A, Al-Omran M, Verma S (2017). The putative role of autophagy in the pathogenesis of abdominal aortic aneurysms. Atherosclerosis. 257:288-296  


  • Yau JW, Singh KK, Hou Y, Lei X, Ramadan A, Quan A, Teoh H, Kuebler WM, Al-Omran M, Yanagawa B, Ni H, Verma S (2017). Endothelial-Specific Deletion of Autophagy-Related 7 (ATG7) Attenuates Arterial Thrombosis in Mice. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. pii: S0022-5223 (17) 30420-8


  • Torisu K, Singh KK, Torisu T, Lovren F, Liu J, Pan Y, Quan A, Ramadan A, Al-Omran M, Pankova N, Boyd SR, Verma S, Finkel T (2016). Intact endothelial autophagy is required to maintain vascular lipid homeostasis. Aging Cell. 15(1): 187-91


  • Ramadan A, Wheatcroft MD, Quan A, Singh KK, Lovren F, Dhingra N, Teoh H, Al-   Omran M, Leong-Poi H, Verma S (2015). Effects of Long-Term Chloroquine Administration on The Natural History of Aortic Aneurysms in Mice. Can J Physiol Pharmacol. 93(8): 641-8


  • Singh KK, Lovren F, Pan Y, Quan A, Ramadan A, Matkar PN, Ehsan M, Sandhu P, Mantella LE, Gupta N, Teoh H, Parotto M, Tabuchi A, Kuebler WM, Al-Omran M, Finkel T, Verma S (2015). The Essential Autophagy Gene ATG7 Modulates Organ Fibrosis Via Regulation of Endothelial-To-Mesenchymal Transition. J Biol Chem. 290(5): 2547-59


  • Ramadan A, Naydenova Z, Stevanovic K, Rose JB, Coe IR (2014). The Adenosine Transporter, ENT1, In Cardiomyocytes Is Sensitive to Inhibition by Ethanol in A Kinase-Dependent Manner: Implications for Ethanol-Dependent Cardioprotection And Nucleoside Analog Drug Cytotoxicity. Purinergic Signal. 10(2): 305-12


  • Rose JB, Naydenova Z, Bang A, Ramadan A, Klawitter J, Schram K, Sweeney G, Grenz A, Eltzschig H, Hammond J, Choi D and Coe IR (2011). Absence of Equilibrative Nucleoside Transporter 1 In ENT1 Knockout Mice Leads to Altered Nucleoside Levels Following Hypoxic Challenge. Life Sci. 89 (17-18): 621–630

Teaching Courses

Human anatomy and histology, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Biology, Science and Life


  • Cardiovascular Sciences Collaborative Program, University of Toronto, Canada 
  • Muscle and Health Research Center, York University, Canada