Kawthar Mohammad Kayed, M.Sc


Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133248



Master degree in Biology (Microbiology and Physiology), Hashemite University, Jordan

B.Sc. Biology, Al-Balaqa Applied University, Jordan

Research Interests

Antimicrobial and antifungal activity of some medicinal plants “crude extract“ as well as the effect of the plants as Antinociceptive.

Selected Publications

  • Ramzi Madi, Majed Abu Saleh and Kawthar Kayed “Exclusions from Patentability with an Emphasis on Biotechnological Inventions: A Comparative Study. Biotechnology law reposts, 2020; 39 (4).
  • Esam Qnais, Yousra Bseiso, Kawthar Kayed, Mohammad Wedyan, and Hakam Alkhateeb. “ANALGESIC EFFECT OF QUERCETIN 3,7 -O-DIMETHYL ETHER ISOLATED FROM SALVIA OFFICINALI. PharmacologyOnline. Vol (2), Page 64-73,2018.

Teaching Courses

  • Science and life
  • العلم والحياة