Mahmoud Abu-Ghoush, Ph.D


Al Ain Campus

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Dr. Mahmoud Abughoush is Professor in the Food science and Nutrition.  He is the former Dean of Applied Medical Sciences College at the Hashemite University/ Jordan since 2017. He has completed his PhD in Food Chemsitry, food Safety and Processing and minor in Nutrition in 2003 from Kansas State University/USA. He has published more than 37 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as an editorial board member of many scientific Journals. Dr. Abughoush has a long experience of training in many fields including Food production and processing, Product development, Food safety, HACCP and ISO 22000, Quality control and sensory analysis training programs. Dr. Abughoush has also a long consultation experience in many fields of Food production problems detection, Food safety and quality controlling issues service, Food product developments. Dr. Abughoush has an excellent consultation experience in different food industrial sectors mainly with the faculty for each factory program (FFF, University of Jordan).  Dr. Mahmoud H Abughoush earned his B.Sc. in Nutrition and Food Science from The University of Jordan, 1989 and his M. Sc. in Food Science from The University of Jordan, 1992. Dr. Abughoush is currently Professor at the department of clinical nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences. He has been teaching courses in Food Science, Food Safety, Food Chemistry, Nutrition and Health. From 2004-2020, Dr. Abughoush worked as a manager for food quality control labs at the Ministry of Health/ Jordan from 1992-2000. During his Ph. D study, Dr. Abughoush worked as campus sanitarian at Health Safety department/ Kansas State University USA from 2002-2004.


Kansas State University, USA 2003

Research Interests

  • Food safety and pathogenic microrganisms and how can be controlled and more than 10 published papers were done in this regard.
  • Research in food products development and sensory evaluation (using Hydrocolloids and protein combinations in Mayonnaise, Beverage production, Ice cream, cakes, extruded products, chips, dairy products).
  • Food products and Human Health (caffeine consumption and chronic diseases)
  • Evaluate the effect of gums and proteins (whey protein concentrate, wheat protein....etc) in combination on the surface, emulsions properties, and Sensory properties of a fluid food system.
  • Model, identify, and predict the surface properties of a protein-gum interactions using a fuzzy clustering model.
  • Research in food engineering, Extrusion, rheology, food microstructure imaging, structure-texture relationships.
  • Food analysis, Develop a rapid and reliable estimation method using techniques such as near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and imaging to study the characteristics of food products.
  • Providing expert consulting services for food production industry


Selected Publications

  • Olaimat, A., Abu Ghoush, M., Al-Holy, M., Abu Hilal, H, Al-Nabulsi, A.,  Osaili, T., Ayyash,  M. and A Holley, R. 2021. Survival and growth of Listeria monocytogenes and Staphylococcus aureus in ready-to-eat Mediterranean vegetable salads: Impact of storage temperature and food matrix. International Journal of Food Microbiology, Volume 346, 109149
  • Olaimat, A., Aolymat, I., Al-Holy, M., Ayyash,  M., Abu Ghoush, M., A Al-Nabulsi, A.,  Osaili, T., Apostolopoulos, V., Liu, and  Shah, N. 2020. The potential application of probiotics and prebiotics for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Npj science of food 17 
  • Olaimat, A., Al‐Holy, M., Abu Ghoush, M.,  Abu Hilal, H., Al‐Nabulsi, A., Osaili, T. and Rasco, B. 2020. Population dynamics of Salmonella spp. and Shigella spp. in ready‐to‐eat Mediterranean vegetable salads. J. Food Safety.
  • Olaimat, A., Al‐Holy, M., Abu Ghoush, M., Al‐Nabulsi, A., Osaili, T. and Holley, R. 2019. Inhibitory effects of cinnamon and thyme essential oils against Salmonella spp. in hummus (chickpea dip). J. Food Processing and Preservation. 43 (5)
  • Olumide A.Odeyemi, Norrakiah Abdullah Sani, Adewale Olusegun Obadina, Courage Kosi Setsoafia Saba, Florence A. Bamidele, Mahmoud Abughoush, AliAsgha , Fabrice Fabien Dongho Dongmo, DarrylMace, Ali, Aberoumand. 2019. Food safety knowledge, attitudes and practices among consumers in developing countries: An international survey. Food research international,  116(2):1386-1390.
  • Olaimat, A., Al‐Holy, M., Shabaz, H., Al‐Nabulsi, A., Abu Ghoush, M., Osaili, T., Ayyash, M. and Holley, R. 2018.   Emergence of Antibiotic Resistance in Listeria monocytogenes Isolated from Food Products: A Comprehensive Review. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety. 17(5): 1277-1292
  • Olaimat, A., .Al-Holy, M., Abu Ghoush,  M., .Al-Nabulsi, A., Holley,  R. 2018. Control of Salmonella enterica and Listeria monocytogenes in hummus using allyl isothiocyanate. International Journal of Food Microbiology. 278 (8).73-80.
  • Olimate, A., Al-Holy, M., Abughoush, M., Al-Nabulsi, A., Qatatsheh, A., Shahbaz, H., Osaili, T., Holley, R. 2018. The Use of Malic and Acetic Acids in Washing Solution to Control Salmonella spp. on Chicken Breast. J. Food Science. 83(8): 2197- 2203.
  • Abu-Ghoush, M.,  Fasfous, I., Al-Degs, Y., Al-Holy, M.,  Issa, A.,  Al-Reyah, A. Alshathri, A. 2017.  Application of Mid-Infrared spectroscopy and PLS-Kernel Calibration for Quick Detection of Pork in High Value Meat Mixes. Journal of  Food measurements and Characterization . Springer- USA.Food Measure (2017) 11:337–346, DOI. 1007/s11694-016-9402-4 
  • Abu-Ghoush, M ., Samhouri, M.,  Al-holy, M.,  Abashir , A. and Abdelhafez, E.. 2017. Formulation and evaluation of coating content and Their distribution on chips products by automated Inspection using fuzzy-based image processing. Journal of Food Process Engineering. 40 (1), e 12302


  • Abughoush, M, Alholy. M., Olimate. 2019. Inhibitory effects of Cinnamon and Thyme Oils against Salmonella spp. in Hummus.  Food safety and Hygein meeting. London 7-9 March
  • Abughoush, M, Alholy. M., Olimate. 2018. Netherlands 10-April
  • Abughoush, M, Alholy. M., Olimate, A. 2017. Improvement Quality and Safety properties of the Carossan. Oral presentation. International conference on Food and Agricultural Economics. 27-28 April. Alanya Turkey.
  • Abu Ghoush. 2016. ICBC 2016. Enhancing arabic bread quality and shelf life stability using bread improvers. Istanbul-Turkey.
  • Mahmoud Abu-Ghoush, 2015. Food Brokrage Event, Horizon2020 Spain Murcia, 14-15 May 2015.
  • Abu-Ghoush, M., Al Holy, M. 2015. Effect of Antioxidants Addition in Combination with Milk Re pasteurization on the Physical, Chemical and Sensory Properties of Condensed Yoghurt,  International Society and Scientfic research and Innovation meeting, World Academy of Science Engineering and Technology (Food science and production).  eISSN: 1307-6892. Istanbul Turkey Apr 21-22, 2015, 17 (4) Part XI
  • Mahmoud Abu-Ghoush1, Mutlag Al-Otaibi,  AbdulazizAl-Shathri. 2013. Oral presentation. Developing new spreadable halawa (sesame sweet). Eurofoodchem xvii. May 7-10, 2013. Istanbul- Turkey.Mahmoud Abu-Ghoush, Mutlag Al-Otaibi,  Ekhlas Al- Najar3. 2013. Poster presentation. Quality and safety control of the crossan (a pastry bakery Product. Eurofoodchem xvii. May 7-10, 2013. Istanbul- Turkey.
  • Abughoush, M. 2013. Dates conference. King Faisal University. Saudi Arabia.
  • Abughoush, M. 2013. Camel conference. King Faisal University. Saudi Arabia
  • Abu-Ghoush, M., Alavi S., Adhikari, K.,  and Plattner, B. 2011. Oral presentation. Physical, Nutritional and Sensory Evaluation Of A Novel Extrusion - Cooked Lentil Analog Product.  International food Congress: Novel Approach in Food Industry proceeding. NAFI 2011. 26-29 May 2011. Turkey-Izmir. pp.68-74.
  • Abu Ghoush, M. 2007. AACC meeting. Comparative study of egg white protein and egg alternatives used in an angel food cake system. Oral Presentation. San Antonio, TX/USA.
  • Abu Ghoush, M. 2006. AACC meeting. Formulation and Evaluation of Wheat Protein-Based Beverages. World Grain Summit. Poster Paper Presented. San Fransisco/USA.

Professional Experience

  • Al Ain University, Professor, Sep. 2021- until now. Professor. Pharmacy College/ Nutrition and Dietetics program
  • The Hashemite University, Professor, Sep. 2020- 2021, Professor, Faculty of Applied and Medical Sciences- Nutrition and Dietetics Dep
  • The Hashemite University, Professor, Sep. 2017- 2020, Dean, Faculty of Applied and Medical Sciences- Nutrition and Dietetics Dep
  • The Hashemite University, Associate Professor, Sep. 2014- until now, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences- Nutrition and Dietetics Dep.
  • The Hashemite University, Assistant Dean, 2015-2016, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences.
  • King Faisal University, Associate Professor, Sep. 2012-Sep. 2014, Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition Dep.
  • The Hashemite University, Associate Professor, Jan. 2011- Sep. 2012, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences- Nutrition and Dietetics Dep.            
  • The Hashemite University, Assistant Professor, Jan. 2004- 2011,  Faculty of Allied Health Sciences- Nutrition and Dietetics Dep.

Teaching Courses

Nutrition and Food Science Courses

  •  Food Chemistry
  •  Nutrition and Health.
  •  Life span Nutrition.
  •  Training in Food services Nutrition and Management.
  •  Applying computer in Nutrition and Dietetics.
  •  Principle of Nutrition
  •  Seminar in Nutrition and Dietetics.
  •  Scientific methods approach.
  •  Fundamentals of Nutrition
  •  Human Nutrition
  •  Epidemiology.
  •  Food Science.
  •  Food Microbiology
  •  Special Topics (Food Chemistry and Sensory evaluation).
  •  Food Hygiene.
  •  Food services Management.
  •  Graduate courses: Fat and Oil Technology. Research methods, Advanced protein, Special Topics.

Workshops and Consultation

  • Food Inspection and Safety (Muscat, Omman, 2019)
  • Food Safety, HACCP  and product development (Home Based Business 2018, USDA project, Alramtha, Jordan)
  • Food Safety, HACCP  and product development (Home Based Business 2017, USDA project, Alkurk, Jordan)
  • Food Safety and HACCP (Muscat, Omman, 2016)
  • Food Safety and HACCP (Zarqa,  2010)
  • Physical, Chemical  and Microbial analysis of foods (Omman, Muscat, 2010).
  • Food Safety (The HashemiteUniversity, 2006)
  • Lectures about food safety/ Training/ Food services employees (The Hashemite University, 2006).


Expertise related to UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, UN member states agreed to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

This person’s work contributes towards the following SDG(s):




  • Member of American Association of Cereal Chemistry. Protein division student representative division. 2003
  • Member American Association of Cereal Chemistry (AACC) Member 2001-2007.
  • Member of Institute of Food Technology (IFT)- Membership, 2000-2005
  • Member Agriculture Engineer Association Membership. 1990-present.
  • Member Food Science club council member, Kansas State University (2001).
  • Member Phi Tau Sigma of food Science-KSU- Membership (2000- 2005)
  • Nominated for the AACC-Protein division representative elections (2001).

 Honors and Awards

  • Agriculture Engineering Award for the best applicable research. 2018. Jordan
  • Khalil Alsalm Award. The best book published in Arabic : Food safety and Nutrition values. 2013.
  • The Hashemite University award for creativity. 2015.  
  • Fulbright Post doctor scholarship/ Kansas State University (2008).
  • ConAgra Internship/ KansasStateUniversity (2003)
  • I. C. C Scholarship, KansasStateUniversity (2001).
  • Graduate studies scholarship granted by The Hashemite University. Amman-Jordan, 2000- 2003.
  • Graduate studies scholarship granted by the Deanship of graduate studies. University of Jordan. Amman-Jordan, 1990.
  • Mango Scholarship for Graduate study and research (1991-1992).
  • King Hussein Royal Scholarship for 4 years (1985- 1989).