Mohammad Bostanudin, Ph.D

Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences Program

Associate Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133218


Ph.D. Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences (University of Portsmouth, UK)

B.Pharm. Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia)

Research Interests

  • Synthesis and in vitro and in vivo characterisation of polysaccharide nanoparticles
  • Chemical modification and characterisation of polysaccharides
  • Cosmetic formulations
  • Natural product research and formulations

Selected Publications

  • Arafat, M., Sarfraz, M., Bostanudin, M. F., Esmaeil, A., Salam, A., AbuRuz, S. (2021). In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Oral Controlled Release Formulation of BCS Class I Drug Using Polymer Matrix System. Pharmaceuticals, 14(9), 929.
  • Bostanudin, M. F., Salam, A., Mahmood, A., Arafat, M., Kaharudin, A. N., Sahudin, S., Mat Lazim, A., Azfaralariff, A. (2021). Formulation and In-Vitro Characterisation of Cross-linked Amphiphilic Guar Gum Nanocarriers for Percutaneous Delivery of Arbutin. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences - article in press.
  • Bostanudin, M. F., Barbu, E., Liew, K. B. (2021). Hydrophobically grafted pullulan nanocarriers for percutaneous delivery: Preparation and preliminary in vitro characterisation. Polymers, 13(17), 2852.
  • Bostanudin, M. F., Muhammad Noor, N. S., Sahudin, S., Mat Lazim, A., Tan, S. F., Sarker, M. Z. I. (2021). Investigations of amphiphilic butylglyceryl-functionalized dextran nanoparticles for topical delivery. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 138(16), 50235.
  • Bostanudin, M. F., Lalatsa, A., Górecki, D. C., & Barbu, E. (2020). Engineering butylglyceryl-modified polysaccharides towards nanomedicines for brain drug delivery. Carbohydrate Polymers236, 116060.
  • Arafat, M., Fahelelbom, K. M., Sarfraz, M. K., Bostanudin, M. F., Esmaeil, A., Hanbali, O. A. A., & Aburuz, S. (2020). Comparison between branded and generic furosemide 40 mg tablets using thermal gravimetric analysis and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Journal of Pharmacy And Bioallied Sciences12(4), 489.
  • Wan Rosli, W. R., Abd Razak, W. N. R., Shamsul Bahrain, K., Bostanudin, M. F. (2020). Evaluation of the Inhibitory Effects of Pharmaceutical Excipients toward the Efficiency of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 12(3), 1968-1976.
  • Bostanudin, M. F., Arafat, M., Sarfraz, M., Górecki, D. C., & Barbu, E. (2019). Butylglyceryl pectin nanoparticles: synthesis, formulation and characterization. Polymers11(5), 789.
  • Sabina, E., Zaidul, I.S.M., Kashif, G., Ferdosh, S., Juliana, J., Jahurul, M.H.A., Fahad, Y.J., Fauzi, M.B., Alfi K. (2017). Extraction of a-glucosidase inhibitory compounds from Phaleria macrocarpa fruit flesh using solvent, sonication, and subcritical carbon dioxide soxhlet methods. Journal of Food Biochemistry41(5), e12399.
  • Alam, M.A., Zaidul, I.S.M., Kashif, G., Sahena, F., Hakim, M.A., Rafii, M.Y., Abir, H.M., Bostanudin, M.F., Perumal, V., Khatib, A. (2017). In vitro antioxidant and α-glucosidase inhibitory activities and comprehensive metabolite profiling of methanol extract and its fractions from Clinacanthus nutansBMC Complementary and alternative medicine17(1), 181.

Teaching Courses

  • Orientation to Pharmacy and Pharmacy Law
  • Physical Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutics


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A member of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS)