"Pharmacy Open Day" entertaining activities and an enjoyable atmosphere


After the interruption of the face to face activities for a period of no less than two years due to the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The positive vibes returned back to the pharmacy students by organizing the Pharmacy Open Day at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi campus) under the supervision of Ms. Kawthar Kayed, and in the presence of Prof. Amer Qassem, Vice President of the University, Prof. Mohammad Ghattas, Deputy Dean of the College of Pharmacy, and a number of academic and administrative members and the College of Pharmacy (COP) students.

Activities varied between presenting a play by the COP students, a magic show, a Dabke show, a talent show, and entertainment games. In addition to the folkloric and cultural exhibition, where students of different nationalities introduced their cultures and customs, in addition to the traditional foods section.

Prof. Ghattas expressed his happiness with the students' positive energies and their efforts to organize the Pharmacy Open Day, encouraging them to achieve more success and to continue to integrate university life with recreational activities in a way that brings them benefit and pleasure at the same time.

Students and audience interacted positively with the event, as they considered it as an opportunity to break the academic routine and relax entertain before the final exams. The College of Pharmacy aims by organizing the pharmacy open day annually to enhance positive communication between students and their professors, spread happiness, employ their energies in the right place, and enhance their skills in interacting with society.


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