Collaborative Research and Scholarly Activity


Research Groups

The college has already adopted several areas of research in accordance with the available faculty and research facilities. That can exploits research opportunities inside the college and thus enhance internal collaboration. The main research areas include:

  1. Drug Formulations, Analysis and Characterization Group: includes formulation, in vivo and in vitro testing, physico-chemical characterization of drug, chemical synthesis, stability testing and development of analytical methods, study and isolation of natural compounds.
  2. Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice Group: includes social pharmacy utility, pharmacoeconomic, and quality of life research, counterfeit of drugs, drug utilization review, and drug safety.
  3. Drug Design and Action group: includes development of new inhibitors of different enzymes that are involved in the pathogenesis of different diseases such as antibacterial agents, antidiabetic agents and anticancer agents, using computational and conventional drug design methods.


External Collaborations

It is always important to mention that the research of the college has been in conducted, in most of the cases, in collaboration with other universities at both the national and international levels. Several faculty members have collaborative work with the UAE University at the national level. At the international level, a well-established collaboration has been made with The University of Manchester (UK), Windsor University (Canada), Geneva University (Switzerland) Petra University (Jordan), and Alexandria University (Egypt). An example of postgraduate collaboration, the college of pharmacy will receive a PhD student in September 2017 from Université des Frères Mentouri (Algeria) to conduct her internship in our laboratories.