Expectations Research and Scholarly Activity


The measures taken in the 5-year research plan shall effectively increase the research output of the faculty members in a way that the publication/faculty ratio may gradually project from 1 to 2 by 2021. This means that CoP is expected to add around 4 to 8 articles/year in top-ranked peer-reviewed journals in addition to participating in multiple national and international conferences. Hence, the college should be increasing its scholar activities from an average of 15 articles/year in 2015 & 2016 to more than double by 2021 (as shown in Table 3). The projection in research output will not be restricted to the quantity of scholar activities, but also on the quality. So, it is expected that all new research articles will be published in Scopus- and ISI-indexed journals. To sum up, the master program is anticipated to contribute very much in the research output of the college of pharmacy and will enhance the researching mentality of our due postgraduate students.


Table 3. Expected projection in scholar activities in the College of Pharmacy at AAU

Scholar activity2015201620172018201920202021
Research 9 13 20 23 27 30 35
Conference 3 6 7 8 9 10 12
Total 12 19 22 26 29 32 38