Drug Delivery and Pharmaceutical Technology Group


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Dr. Mosab Arafat, Associate Professor

College of Pharmacy
Al Ain University
P.O.Box: 64141 Al Ain, UAE

Email: Mosab.arafat@aau.ac.ae

Phone: +971 3 7024870
Fax: +971 3 7024777


Research areas

  • Control release drug delivery system
  • Self-emulsifying drug delivery system
  • Synthesis and fully characterize a range of polysaccharides-based nanoparticles used as drug delivery systems
  • In vitro drug release evaluation
  • Comparison studies between generic and brand-name medications
  • Pharmacokinetic and in silico assessments using GastroPlus® modeling and simulation software
  • HPLC development methods


Research funding

  1. PI: Mosab Arafat, Grant awarded: 2018, Agency awarded: Al Ain University, Grant Amount of AED 400,000 equivalent to (~110,000 USD).
  2. Co-pi: Mosab Arafat, Grant awarded: Jan 2020, Proposal no. 1270, (Research Start- up grant no: 700032854 ), Agency awarded: UAEU. Project duration: 2 years, Grant Amount of AED 400,000 equivalent to (~110,000 USD).
  3. PI: Mohammad Bostanudin, Grant awarded: 2020, Agency awarded: Al Ain University, Grant Amount of AED 20,000 equivalent to (~5,500 USD).
  4. PI: Arshad Mahmood, Grant awarded: 2020, Agency awarded: Al Ain University, Grant Amount of AED 25,000 equivalent to (~6,800 USD).


Research facilities

  • Automated dissolution sampling apparatus.
  • Licensed GastroPlus® modeling & simulation software
  • Tablet quality control testing equipment
  • Tablet punching machines
  • Sharing central research lab equipment (e.g. HPLC, FTIR Absorption Spectroscopy, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy)



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  1. Mosab Arafat, C. Kirchhoefer, Muhammad Sarfraz. Studying vesicles membrane stability of nano-particles containing bile slats using calcein as a marker for stability. 4th International Conference on Nanomaterials, Nanodevices, Fabrication and Characterization (ICNNFC'19). April14-16, 2019. Rome, Italy.