Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice Research Group


Contact us

Dr. Khairi Mustafa
College of Pharmacy, Building P
Al Ain University
P.O.Box: 64141 Al Ain, UAE
Phone: +971 3 7024874
Fax: +971 3 7024777


Research areas

  • Clinical pharmacy research
  • Community pharmacy research
  • Natural/Herbal medicine research
  • Promoting public health and awareness research
  • Assessing pharmacists attitudes and behavior


Research interest

In clinical pharmacy research, the group is focusing on:

  • Ways to prevent or reduce pediatric asthma hospitalization.
  • Reporting adverse drug reactions. In community pharmacy research, the group is running one project.
  • Factors affecting patients' preferences towards community pharmacy services in UAE.
  • Screening of COPD in community pharmacy. In relation to natural/herbal medicine research, the group is running 2 projects.
  • Assessing health education on prompting public health such as antismoking campaign and obesity.
  • Assessing counterfeit drugs and its impact on public health and economy are also researched.
  • Evaluating drug products storage conditions by the community are also dealt with.
  • Assessing the pharmacist role in providing specific drug information to information requestor and evaluating the effect of courses studies in the BSc Pharmacy program in developing the required professional skills.
  • The effect of tetrahydroxystilbenes isolated from Kangaroo Island propolis on SIRT-1 enzyme activity.
  • Evaluation of propolis commercial preparations.



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