Drug Design and Action Group


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Dr. Mohammad Ghattas
College of Pharmacy, Building P
Al Ain University
P.O.Box: 112612 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Email:  mohammad.ghattas@aau.ac.ae
Phone: +971 2 6133 275


Old Members

  • Prof. Amal Yousef
  • Ms. Nermin Issa
  • Ms. Sarah Al Rawashdeh


Research areas

  • in silico Study of proteins and protein-ligand complexes
    Assessing enzymes’ binding site (e.g. druggability) and analysing their interactions with corresponding ligands so that a novel drug design strategy can be proposed & validated (via pharmacophore & docking).
  • Drug discovery and lead optimization
    Computer-aided drug design that includes hits discovery and lead optimization of several targets that are involved in Cancer (e.g. MPS1, PTPs, MDM2) and bacterial infections (e.g. ENRs).
  • Studying aggregation-based promiscuity
    Conducting tens of MD simulation for drug aggregate-protein complexes and extensively analyse them to figure out the driving forces behind such a phenomenon
  • in vitro evaluation of leads
    Screening compounds for their biological activity via different enzymatic assays. When required, this is extended to include antibacteraial assay through conventional testing methods.


  • Dr. Richard Bryce – The University of Manchester, UK
  • Bassam Ali – UAE University, UAE
  • Dr. Basem Sadek – UAE University
  • Dr. Sanaa Bardaweel – University of Jordan, Jordan


Research facilities

  • Molecular modelling lab includes:
    • Two advanced workstations
    • Specialised drug design software (e.g. MOE, Maestro, AMBER and ChemAxon)
  • Organic synthesis lab
  • Microbiology lab with state of the art equipment



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